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Our Services


The East Coast Two Spirit Society members have expertise in numerous areas and are available to provide training, consultation and other presentations in a wide variety of areas. These include but are not limited to:

Two Spirit History and Culture

Powwow Dance and Regalia Making

Powwow Etiquette

Two Spirit Veterans – Modern and Traditional Warriors

The Impact of Historical and Intergenerational Trauma on Two Spirit Native American and First Nations People

Transgender, Gender Non-conforming and Gender Variant Two Spirit People

Storytelling and Acting

If you are interested in any of these topics, or if you have another about which you would like more information, please contact us.

Youth and Families

The East Coast Two Spirit Society is deeply concerned about our youth. There are alarmingly high incidences of suicidal thoughts, gestures and completion in our Native American and First Nations youth. That number increases exponentially for Two Spirit youth as a result of added stigma, and feelings of hopelessness and shame around sexuality, gender, gender identity or expression.

The East Coast Two Spirit Society is committed to creating a Youth Council that will ensure that the voices of our youth are heard in meaningful ways and that they are surrounded in love and support by their elders.

The East Coast Two Spirit Society is also dedicated to supporting the families of our Two Spirit youth by providing them with information, education, and safe places to get their questions answered.

Families with Two Spirit children are encouraged to attend our yearly Gatherings or any other of our activities, and the Leadership Council is always available to offer support.

If you have questions or need immediate support, we encourage you to contact us.


The East Coast Two Spirit Society is a member of the International Council of Two Spirit Societies. As a member of the International Council of Two Spirit Societies, we are able to advocate for and promote change in policy, in public perception of Two Spirit people, and for change on municipal, state and federal levels. EC2SS is concerned with the growing lack of regard for the lives of our Two Spirit people, especially those who may be Trans* identified. We believe that the importance of strong advocacy for these members of our Family cannot be overstated. The EC2SS Leadership Council members are regular presenters at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. This Conference attracts over 3,000 Trans* people, their allies and other supporters from around the world.

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About Us

The East Coast Two Spirit Society (EC2SS) is devoted to Two Spirit Native American and First Nations communities and the reduction of bias and discrimination due to lack of information. The EC2SS provides information to the general public and support and services to Two Spirit Natives, formerly known as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or gender non-conforming. EC2SS works to increase the positive visibility of Two Spirit communities and to provide safe, supportive opportunities for social, traditional and recreational interactions that are culturally appropriate to them. EC2SS also strives to reach Two Spirit youth and their families, to provide emotional support, care and a community of people who have experienced the challenges of being Native and Two Spirit, often while living and working in Native and other communities where they may not be fully welcomed or supported themselves.

Leadership Structure

Since the East Coast Two Spirit Society covers the Northeast Region of Turtle Island (North America), we strive to follow the dominant leadership structure of the Longhouse tradition. Although, other structures were used (Wikiup, Wigwam), the tradition of the Longhouse from the Common Law of the 5 Longhouse Nations (Seneca / Cayuga / Onendaga / Oneida / Mohawk) is how we govern ourselves.
The Five Nations (Haudenosaunee) are from West to East;
Seneca / Cayuga / Onendaga / Oneida / Mohawk
Although we govern ourselves after this tradition, we include ALL Nations. As our family grows and gets bigger, our structure (Longhouse) gets bigger.

We still recognize the modern positions for bureaucratic reasons.

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